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An update to my book – It Has Been 4 Years Since My Book was Published.

Cover Illustration by Neil Hague
WARNING: This book is not fiction.

This is the amazing true account of how the author was created, engineered and trained by God to fulfil an Earth Agreement between them to eliminate evil, the reptilians, from the face of this earth. A riveting account is given of all the global interventions that were carried out by the author according to God’s instructions, including preventing wars, bombs and a kidnapping, creating new timelines and turning demons.

The reptilians are behind the new world order and they are manipulating, mind controlling and subjugating humanity. Humanity are currently slaves. You have to get rid of the reptilians and take back your freedom. If you are wondering how, this book gives the answer. It gives techniques that can be used to free you from the grip of the reptilian matrix and to get rid of the reptilians from Earth and humanity.

There is no magic wand and there are no overnight successes, but to be passive in these times is suicide. The stakes are high, it is all or nothing. The reptilians want Earth for themselves and would rather destroy this earth and kill humanity than lose it.

Note: There are no plans for an ebook version. This book is like a manual and it works best as a hard copy.


For Humanity

What is God doing?
The Book Within

Part 1: Notes
1: Talking to God & Upstairs
God Talk
The Divine Personalities in This Book

2: Dreamtime
What Dreams Are
Dream Terminology
Spirituality and Dreams

Part 2: Spiritual Background
3: Emergence & Split Timelines
The First Problem
The Second Problem
After Emergence

4: Apprenticeship

5: Before Birth & the 15 plus One

6: Womb Time & Death

7: Predictions & Revelations
Spiritual Teacher
My Future and My Role
Tin House
In The Coming Years
Amma’s Prediction
The Prediction of This Book

Part 3: The Early Years
8: First Revelation, First Contact

9: Indian Men

10: Silver Pearl
The explanations

11: Second Revelation

12: Earth Agreement
The Beginning of the Work
The Healing of Humanity by God

Part 4: Walking Through the Hell Worlds
13: Laying the Groundwork
Initiation 1
God’s Bodyguard
God’s Personal Energies
God And I
Initiation 2

14: Demon Attacks
Reason 1
Reason 2

15: No Ground Is Sacred

16: Divine Wrath

17: The Reptilians
Death of the Devil
The Mother of all CMEs
• Update 02 Jan 2012

18: DNA & Possession
Last Thoughts
• Update

19: Demons Through Ingestion

20: My Self, My Life

21: Saving My Self, My Life
Nov 2006 to Feb 2007

22: F for Fearless

23: What a Turkey!

24: A Way Out
Divine Protection

Part 5: Global Intervention
25: God on Global Healing
A Preamble

26: Evil in the World

27: Global Intervention
Genetically Modified (GM) and Organic Food
Universe in Crisis
Preventing a Kidnapping
Early 2002 till September 2003
Healing and Fairies
Purification of Existence
The Blessing
Black Magic
Divine Will
The Big List 1
The Big List 2
Humanity’s Relationships
War Profiteers
Ignorance, Pride and a Lack of Unity
Devotion to God
Lack of Love
False Flag: A Nuclear Reaction
Preventing a World War
Mind Control
Global Situation
I’m in Hell! Get Me Out of Here
Hatred is Hell
Preventing an Earthquake
A Nuclear Blast
Social Consciousness and Babaji’s Heart
Protecting Humanity and the Earth from Demons
An Orwellian Nightmare
Freezing Reality
Dimensional Holes
A Dimensional Hole within a Dimensional Hole
A Prediction for Singapore, Malaysia and China
The Moon Matrix

28: The Last Chance
The star from whence first came the original thought of the idea of humanity
Ending humanity’s present evolutionary cycle
• Update 24 Aug 2011
• Update 25 Aug 2011
God trying to arouse grief in people
The Last Chance
My duties “to give humanity her last chance”
• Global Healings
• Re-teaching High Spirituality
Everything That You Know
Giving Animals a Greater Chance Than Humans
The Seventh Seal
• Update 10 Jul 2011
The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

29: Lord Bharata

30: The Great Revolution
The Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami
Destruction in Another Dimension

31: Journeys Through Time & Space
Humanity and God
R.I.P. Machu Picchu
Earth’s Split Timeline
Into The Future

32: Birthing a New Humanity
Part 1: My Global Healing Road
Part 2: Proclaiming the Birth of a New Humanity
Part 3: Birthing a New Humanity
Part 4: Hiding and Secrecy
Part 5: Opposition to the Birthing of a New Humanity
Part 6: The End of Injustice
A New Timeline

33: A False Alien Invasion & A Prophecy of Hope
A Prophecy of Hope
If UFOs came, how would we know if they were benevolent or not?
So, they will only come after all the hell is over and we don’t need them anymore?
Short notes for developing these three virtues

34: Turning Demons Towards God

35: Morgellons
Magnetic Clay Baths
Spiritual Solutions
• Solution 1: Separating Atoms
• Solution 2: Energy
• Solution 3: Solar Logos
• Solution 4: Counterbalance
• Solution 5: The Reconnective Healing
• Solution 6: Fasting
• Solution 7: Surrender

36: The Inconceivable

37: Black Magick Flip and Self-Deception
Black Magick Flip
A Heads-up: This is Not Over Yet

38: More Global Intervention
The Evil Global Agenda of the New World Order (NWO) aka Reptilians
• Update 02 Jan 2012
• Update 12 Jul 2011
Humanity & Entities
Environment, Earth Changes & Animals
Interplanetary Consciousness
• Mass Disclosure by ETs
The Collective Unconscious and The Subconscious
Egoic Consciousness
Social Consciousness
Tip of the Iceberg

39: Miscellaneous Messages
Flower Essences
Heaven’s Animal Speak
• The Chimpanzee in Man
• Monkey, Crocodile and Frog
• Humanity’s Antagonism
• Panther and Bull
God is the Filter of My Reality
A Message for ISKCON

40: The Future of Humanity
The Age of Superheroes
Consequences: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Challenges of a Lifetime

41: Tying It All Together
The New Timeline

Part 6: The Global Healer
42: Working as a Global Healer
Reality Check
An Aversion for the Negative
God and Global Healing
Prayer Warrior
Inner Problems

43: Inner Workings of Global Healing
Psychic Energy
The Hidden Problem of Spiritual Law
• Lack of Spiritual Power
• Lack of Purity
• Lack of Backup
The Experiment (1994)
Part 7: Adversus Maleficium

44: Fighting the Good Fight
David Icke
Susan Reed (Jennie Gosbell)
Raphael’s Story
Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and 30 million angels
People who work with Angels and Archangels
Fighting Back

45: Weapons of Courage
The Business of Tough Love
You, God and Your God-Self
The Word God?
The God-Force
The Exorcism Formula
Exercise: Use the Prayer Exorcism on Yourself
Rules of the Prayer Exorcism
• Note for rule Nos.2 and 3
• Note for rule No.6
To exorcise the original root causes of a problem
1: To exorcise the problem itself
2: Elimination
Choosing the Right Prayer Exorcism
Prayer Exorcism 1
Prayer Exorcism 2
Some Thoughts and Examples
• Example

46: Spring Cleaning
Spiritual Merry-go-round
Disconnecting from the Chains That Bind
Environmental Spring Cleaning
• Psychic Environment
• Negative Thought Forms
• Electromagnetic Smog
• External Sources
• Your Aura
The Collective Unconscious
Social Conditioning
• The Burden of Your Beliefs
• Your Mental Ceiling
Religious Conditioning
All Things Reptilian
• The Moon Matrix
• The Reptilian Mind Matrix
• The Fear Matrix
• The Invisible Spheres
• Your Reptilian Brain
• Reptilian Forces and Negative Energies
o Negative Energies
o Reptilian Forces
• Programmed Energies
• Demonic Attachments
• Reptilian Spirit Technology
• Reptilians
• Removing False Negative Karma
• Replacing Your Original Good Karma
• Preventing Your Present Good Karma from Being Removed
• Protect Your Karma
• Reinstate You on Your Original Timeline
• Demons Manipulating Karma
A Whole Load of Entities
• Demons, Ghouls, Ghosts, Earthbound Entities
• Inter-generational Entities
• Ancestors
• Astral Entities
• The Wetiko Virus and the Archons
Black Magick
• Astral Body and Higher Self
o Protecting Your Astral Body
o Protecting Your Higher Self
o Protecting Your Soul
• Mental Health

47: Global Healing
• Timing
The New World Order (NWO)
• Their Global Agenda
• Their False Flag Events
• Their Spite
• Iran
• The Astral Plane
The Reptilians
• The Moon Matrix
• The Schism
• Reptilian Spirit Technology
Anti-Reptilian Frequencies
• The Christ Light of the Solar Logos
Protecting Humanity and the Earth from Negative Aliens
• Negative Energies
• Negative Aliens
• Purification of the whole of Existence
• Purification of the Universe
• Purification of the Earth
• Purification of Humanity
The Root Chakra of the World
Demons 101
• The Black Eyed Kids
• Demons in Human Bodies
• Blessing Demons
• Turning All Demons Towards God 1
• Turning All Astral Entities Towards God
• Turning All Earthbound Entities Towards God
• Ghouls
• Possession
• Turning All Demons Towards God 2
Turning the Black Magick Practitioner
Negative Disturbances
Humanity’s Unconsciousness
Negative Thought Forms
Black Magick
• Cleaning Up After Yourself
• To Neutralise Black Magick Affecting You
• In the World
• Affecting Humanity
Injecting what is missing


Appendix A

Appendix B
Agnihotra Neutralises Radiation in the Atmosphere

Appendix C
A Quick Overview
Appendix D
Doing Agnihotra
The mantras at sunrise
The mantras at sunset
Doing Agnihotra
• Preparation
• The Agnihotra Ritual